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Un clavier mural hautement configurable, doté d'une esthétique design sur mesure, d'un toucher exceptionnel des touches, d'une façade personnalisable et d'un rétroéclairage par LED RVB multicolores.

  • Power Requirements
    Cresnet Power Usage 2 W (83 mA @ 24 VDC)
    Power Consumption 2 W maximum
    Pushbutton (5) blank single pushbuttons;
    Configurable with combinations of HZ-BTN-RKR1, HZ-BTNRKR3, or HZ-BTN-1 in blank or engraved models;
    (5) blank button caps included
    Note: Supplied button caps are not engravable. For custom engravings, use HZ-BTN-ENGRAVED button caps.
    Setup (1) Hidden pushbutton;
    Located behind faceplate's top trim piece;
    Configures the LED backlight and calibrates the light sensor
    LED Indicator and Light Sensor
    Feedback (5) Color-adjustable LEDs;
    Provides button backlighting
    Light Sensor Photosensor with adjustable sensitivity;
    Detects the ambient room light level to activate day or night mode
    Note: Light sensor performance may be affected by obstructions placed below the keypad.
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