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  • Radius NX 4x4
  • Radius NX 4x4

Radius NX 4x4

Two models.  Radius NX 4×4 (4 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs) and Radius NX 12×8 (12 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs). Both feature optional factory installed 64×64 redundant Dante and identical DSP resources. The two differ only in analog I/O, logic output, and external control input capacity. The reduced cost of the 4×4 makes it extremely competitive in applications where many Dante endpoints are routed to a primary DSP and fewer analog connections are required. Models without Dante provide even more accessible DSP pricing for smaller systems.

    Processor 1 x Analog Devices Griffin ADSP-SC587 dual- core DSP @ 500 MHz
    Raw processing capacity 500 MIPS, 6 GFLOPS, 2 GMACS
    Sampling rate 48 kHz, ± 100 ppm.
    Frequency response (A/D/A) 20 Hz – 20 kHz, ± 0.5 dB.
    Dynamic range (A/D/A) > 114 dB, A-weighted.
    Channel separation (A/D/A) > 110 dB @ 1 kHz, +24 dBu
    Latency (A/D/A) 1.04 ms, inputs routed to outputs
    Delay memory 174 mono seconds.
    Analog control inputs 0-3.3 VDC.
    Recommended external control potentiometer 10k Ohm, linear.
    Logic outputs Low (0V) when active, pulled high (5V) when inactive.
    Logic output maximum external power supply voltage / current sinking 24 VDC / 50 mA.
    Logic output maximum output current 10 mA.
    THD + Noise < -95 dB (22.4 kHz BW, unweighted); 1 kHz @ +15 dBu with 0 dB gain
    RS-232 accessory serial I/O 57.6 kbaud (default), 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control wired straight-through, only pins 2, 3, and 5 required
    RS-485 serial I/O 38.4 kbaud (default) 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control. May be broken out of ARC port
    Ethernet Cable Standard CAT5/6, maximum device to device length = 328 feet / 100 meters
    Dante Cable Standard CAT6, maximum device to device length = 328 feet / 100 meters
    ARC Cable Standard CAT5/6, distance dependent upon load and number of devices
    Maximum stored presets 1000
    Models Radius NX 4x4 USB-B, Radius NX 4x4 Dante + USB-B
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